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We just like other normal women, graduate from our university and then had been blessed with several years opportunity to be a career woman. Married and then having the baby was a miracle for us, but in the other hand created a problem as well. We have been experiencing struggle in finding the best baby sitter, worried and having unsafe feeling if something happened to our baby. Some women are luckier by having option to be a full day mom since their husband is able to manage the family financial burden, but many couple nowadays have to struggle together to finance all family needed. We understood this kind of feeling and come up with the idea to create a child care which will be incorporated with an integrated program appropriate for your little one. This program will prepare your child to be ready for regular school.


The basic core value of this child care is love and our passion to the children development in the early stage.  
We have engaged in several years professional experience working with the children, and day by day we realize that working with the children is a blessing. We enjoy their honesty and spontaneous reaction in facing the new reality in life. They are very unique, smart God’s little creation that eager to explore the world. In some cases, problems arouse during the learning process but we always believe that by working together with parents as a team we can cope with those difficulties.

We regularly attend the seminar and workshops about children development and organize trainings for our caregiver. We have Mrs Lily Ema Margaretha SPsi as our psychologists who will be helping us to monitor the children's development. We have on call pediatrician, dr M.Tatang, spA and team. Starting September 2011, we have signed mutual agreement with Tirta Medical Center for Emergency Care Unit and Medication Service that located at next our day care




Logo My Tootsie BearThe idea of our center’s name came from our wish to be a memorable place for the little one in their childhood. Tootsie means little feet, bear is chosen as our main character, represents a cute and cuddle animals that always being loved by the children. Besides, bee is chosen since it’s always regarded as bear’s best friend. We wish your little one will develop a good personal character and improving her/ his social skill by making friends here as well
Rainbow as the background represents a warm blanket of love for the children;
Leaves, Flowers and mushrooms, represent our children that always grow and develop in many aspects of life. 


Our Testimonials

  • Debora Marliana Debora Marliana
    Evelyn menjadi anak yang mandiri, mudah bergaul, dan pintar...
  • Clara Wastiunamsih Clara Wastiunamsih
    My Tootsie Bear memang oke :)
  • Tessar Napitupulu Tessar Napitupulu

Bellagio Residence, Tower B,

Ground Floor Unit OG-20,

Area Mega Kuningan Barat Kav E4.3,

Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,

Jakarta Selatan 12950

021-3002 9893

Mobile : 0819 0509 7274

E-mail : info@mytootsiebear.com